TATTU G1 Professional Fit-Over UV Light Protection Glasses, Anti-Glare, Eye Strain & Fatigue, Night Vision Enhancement for Driving at night, Wrap-around Safety Goggles for Shooting & Hunting, Yellow

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☀ 100% UV PROTECTION: Blocking all Ultraviolet Wavelengths from your Blacklight Flashlights, UV Light Sanitizers and any outdoor activity.

☀ NIGHT VISION ENHANCEMENT: Helps reduce glare from oncoming car headlights and streetlamps while driving at night, which provides more contrast and makes you see more clearly.

☀ ANTI EYE STRAIN & FATIGUE: Wearing it, your eyes will be rested, you will be more attentive. If you work with this pair of glasses, it will allow you to reach your peak performance.

☀ SIDE SHIELD PROTECTION: Wraparound uni-lens style features side shields to filter out peripheral UVA/UVB/UVC light wavelengths.

☀ SCRATCH RESISTANT & IMPACT RESISTANT: An excellent choice for shooting, hunting and any outdoor sports activity, for they are virtually indestructible.