TATTU U1 UV Flashlight 395nm 5W LED Black Light Rechargeable Battery+USB Cable

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TATTU Black Light Flashlights help reveal your pet's secrets and Detect Dried Pets Urine on carpets, sofa, sheets, etc.


Home Uses:

Human Fluids

Gel Nails


Human Fluids on Sheets

Whether at home or in a hotel room, TATTU UV Light can help you check the sheets are clean or not.

Dry Nail Gel

For our lady friends, TATTU UV Flashlights will help you dry your nails gel quickly than ever.

Stains in Toilets

TATTU Blacklight Flashlight is a handy tool to help keep your toilet and kitchen clean!

Industry Uses:

uv dye glow in the dark



Glow in the dark

With the UV Light, you are able to check your body art makeup on your own before go to the UV Party.

Vaseline Glasses & Flourite

UV Light can shine Vaseline Glasses into green in the dark. It has the similar function for fluorite!

A/C Leaks

UV Light helps find A/C leaks that you caanot see under normal light.

If you are a scorpions hunter, then you would be pleased to have one of this, for the bright beam and long lighting distance!


Technical Parameters:

Brand: TATTU Material: High quality Aluminum alloy, endure long time daily using. Brightness: 100 Lumens. Emitter Type: LED. Emitter Color: UV(Ultraviolet) Light, 395nm range. Emitting Modes: High/Low/Strobe/SOS. Number of Emitters: One. Lifespan: 100,000 hours. Switch Type: Press. Switch Location: Center. Power Source: Battery Charger Type: Micro USB Cable Input: 5V.

U1 U2 U3
U1 U2 U3
USB Charging
Brightness 100lm 150lm 150lm
Capacity 2600mAh 2600mAh 5200mAh
Distance 100m+ 100m+ 100m+
Focus Central Central Central
Modes 4 4 4
Power 5w 10w 10w
Range 395nm 395nm 395nm
Usage Home Home/Industry Industry